How is it possible to settle a dispute without going to trial?

Disputes are often time consuming, stressful and costly.

It therefore stands to reason that if the process can be shortened the less time consuming it will be; the less stressful the process will be and therefore, ultimately, the less costly the process.

At Davies we manage to settle most of our disputes without the need for trial (about 90% of cases).

How is this possible?

The Disputes Resolution team lead by Richard Davies, a Solicitor-Advocate and accredited mediator, are experts in the use of the Civil Procedure rules (the rules governing claims at Court).

We deal with disputes all day, and every day; and our experience can bear substantial fruits. There is more than one way to approach a case: Dispute Resolution is the art of considering and employing all measures necessary to resolve a dispute as swiftly and as economically as possible, and yet still provide our clients with the best outcome available in the circumstance. To do this we will consider and discuss the merits with you of negotiation, mediation, arbitration and pure litigation.

We are confident in our abilities, a fact your opponents will come to realise swiftly.

Of course sometimes it will be necessary to take a case to trial: a settlement can only be negotiated / mediated if there is a meeting of minds. Consequently everything undertaken on your case will be done with trial in mind; not so that it gets to trial (most do not), but so that if it does, we have your back covered, and you are aware of the risks involved at all times.

If the matter does get to trial we shall give you the option of appointing a barrister or one of our team to represent you as advocate. Some clients prefer the "prestige" of Counsel; others prefer to use someone they know and trust, and who knows the case inside out. All members of our Disputes Resolution team are experienced advocates. Our head of team is also a Solicitor-Advocate, one of 3 solicitors within the Cambridge region with Rights of Audience in all higher Courts, both civil and criminal: he enjoys the same rights of audience as barristers. The choice is therefore yours.

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